Matters of Fiction

by More Than Lovers



released May 19, 2012



all rights reserved


More Than Lovers Israel

More Than Lovers are 2 handsome writers/producers and one sexy female from Israel. currently unsigned, we are working towards a debut album titled "Matters of Fiction". we record and produce at our studio. we make melodic pop like they used to make it, with a hint of mystery. take a listen and feel free to contact us on ... more

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Track Name: Progress?
Don't you know thah when the morning comes
im gonna disappear?
hold on to a wishfull thought
and wash those dishes, dear

Im making progress,breaking borders tonight
im crossing lines and taking orders all right

been around too long to mind
only care for what you hide
else your gonna let it slide
its time to grow up

Myself, im not nostalgic.
it has never been as was.
as when we used to sneak around
and back on future grounds

Aint making progress, breaking borders i might
the lines's been crossed, im giving orders tonight

Track Name: Spam
Let this pair go free of charge
I dont know what life is like
Am i a mindless hulk?

All the guys standing in the same line
with their pompons high, but the girl is mine
And this is somewhat of a time
when the cats go bad
Make a mess of my hair
Are you playing fair?

Lie, So i can tell why you're so pale.
This fault is mine.

Set it back to 81'.
I cant go the way you like
Was i a lousy fuck?

All the guys waving at the same time
with their pompons high, and the girl is fine
And this was somewhat of a town
where the bees drop dead
give me a heartless stare.
Are you playing fair?

Lie, So i can tell why you're so pale.
This fault is mine.
Track Name: Sept Ans
Space and sound, a day in september.
Why were you so happy together?
Dreamt once more, a dance after hours.
Twist and turn,and long-lasting showers

Some seven years have passed
Times, like teeth without a face and clocks that grind
Slow, its not a place to run
Glow. in seven years we'll all be having fun

Don't forget our song.
Are you getting old?
All the shameful thoughts, and the thoutful moans..

Warm again inside your apartment
Comes july, i leave the department
Soon enough ill be on my spaceship
Will you be securing our friendship?

Track Name: Six
Stop, i thought you should
Your sexy songs can't fix my mood
Those dodgy Homesicks, up they stood
An Eggtown morning rises, plans fade away

Six i got up, looking forward to what
seemed like a chance to forgive myself, but
ever so fast it became a place
where six are my crimes and we're not together

It's a trip to the flame you already forgot
It's her pretty eyes Its all about
walking fast in the rain
when you can't stand the pain
With your batman t-shirt, out of lane
But at least i'm alive while you're breaking my heart
and i think ill survive while you're breaking my heart
yes, at lest i'm alive while you're breaking my heart

Go, i'm not so good
You'v never been misunderstood
I wouldn't say that, but you could
This place is full of salesman and castaways

Six i got up..
Track Name: Sanitation
Drink my head away
I'll have to pay
You never stay
And now i'm silver-lonely
Fear of what they'll do to me
when you are not around
the fear that time won't stop

Stand in the rain
I call your name
you'r playing a game
playing a game
That i'll loose somehow

There comes a day
I reach to say
You'r playing a game
playing a game
that i'll loose somehow

So we meet again
Taking a train
And i'm insane
But this is not the only
Trait they recognize
Am i unkind?
Driving around
This train might never stop

Stand in the rain..

Midnight, She walks away with
All that i could have had
When Mine was a silver hand
Big Mouth, Sanitation
All that i could have lived for
Cries for help and such